Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Motivating Students with Movenote

Movenote  (@Movenote) is a pretty cool app that lets the user present slides and, at the same time, give a video presentation. I learned about Movenote from Rafranz Davis (@rafranzdavis) and I have it installed on my iPad. But I just recently found out that Movenote also lets you create presentations on the desktop. It's easy to see how Movenote lends itself to flipped instruction, but my friend and colleague, Jo Anne Reed (@JoReeding) has an even more innovative way of using Movenote.

Jo Anne is also a librarian, and we work in the same district. We're often bouncing ideas off one another and sharing our experiences with technology and literacy. While I've been pondering whether to use Movenote as a way to provide professional development opportunities for teachers, flipped library lessons for students, or show students how to use Movenote for their own creations, Jo Anne has actually been using it.

Last week Jo Anne shared some of her students' work with me. She uses Movenote to record her students as they read, and then shares the presentation with parents. Her goal is to track student progress in reading fluency and send updates to parents via email. Below is a screenshot of one student recording herself on Movenote while reading on the slide on the screen.

Jo Anne shared the Movenote with the student's parents and received this response:

I think Jo Anne is really on to something. She discovered how powerful Movenote is for motivating students to read because they know there is an audience, whether it be their parents or their peers.

Jo Anne's students also used Movenote to create presentations in which they shared family pictures in the slideshow section and used the video recording to explain what was going on in the pictures.

Now I have the perfect reason to use Movenote, and I'm so excited to share with these recordings with the parents.

If you're interested in how to use Movenote on the iPad, here's a video demonstration I created a few weeks ago, when I was just learning how to use Movenote myself:

Movenote Demonstration from Monica Babaian on Vimeo.

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