Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Three YA titles from New Imprint of Alloy Entertainment

Official Press Release about Alloy Entertainment's new imprint and the release of its first three books. 

Every Ugly Word by Aimee L. Salter

Every Ugly Word follows 17 year old Ashley who is relentlessly bullied at her high school and by her own mother, and is helplessly in love with her best friend, Matt, who is bullied by his father.

She seeks help by looking to her future self, “Older Me” who supports her through it all and teaches her to love herself. But is she really seeking “Older Me” or is she looking within herself for the answers?

When Ashley looks in the mirror she can see and talk to her future self. “Older Me” has been her support system through her relentless tormentor’s bullying, her unstable mother at home, and her forlorn love for her longtime best friend. But when Ashley discovers “Older Me’s” betrayal, she is targeted in the worst way and impends her last chance with Matt. She’s done with hearing every ugly word.

A digital ARC of Every Ugly Word is available for librarians through NetGalley. 

Author Aimee L. Salter

Imitation by Heather Hildenbrand

Everyone is exactly like me.

There is no one like me.
The rough fabric of my cotton nightgown chafes so I lie very still. They say my discomfort comes from being built like one accustomed to niceties. How is that fair when I myself have never experienced anything but copies of the real thing?
My entire life is an imitation.
I am an Imitation.
I’ve been here five years. Training. Preparing. Waiting.
And now I have a letter.
My assignment has begun.
I am a prisoner.
I am not Raven Rogen.

I am here to die.

Ven is an Imitation, a clone of a wealthy girl named Raven. Imitations only leave their home, Twig City, when they are needed by their Authentics- to replace them in any situation, to serve as organ donors, or, as in Ven's case, to become bait when her Authentic's life has been threatened. Ven must pretend to be Raven even as she experiences the sights, sounds, and feelings of the real world for the first time. But real life is more dangerous than she ever imagined. The attacks begin the second she replaces her Authentic, and Ven is quickly caught in a game of cat-and-mouse with her assailants.

Author Heather Hildenbrand
A digital ARC of Imitation is available to librarians through NetGalley. 

Rebel Wing by Tracy Banghart

There are two things in the world that Aris truly loves: flying in her wingjet above Atalanta, and Calix, the boy that she is about to be promised to after the selection.
Just before the selection happens, a mysterious military officer named Theo presents her with a job alternative in his sector she never thought possible: to fly.  But from all the information that Aris has ever known, women are not allowed in the Military sector of the Five Dominions. What could he possibly have in mind?

With the war between the Five Dominions and Safara becoming increasingly dire, Theo also shares with Aris that there will be an increase in military recruits assigned at the selection and Calix will likely be on that list – allowing Aris to truly consider the job offer.

She could save lives, maybe even Calix’s.

In a society where conflict has overtaken, relationships are tested through the most dangerous of situations: war. REBEL WING will test the limits of love and explore how far people will go for the ones they truly care about. But even with Aris stepping up, high up in the backbone of the Five Dominions reside the wards of each sector, those in charge, and they truly have all the power. 

Author Tracy Banghart
A digital ARC of Rebel Wing is available for librarians through NetGalley. 

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