Sunday, April 6, 2014

TLA 2014 Conference Poster Session

I'm thrilled to be participating in my first ever poster session. It wasn't easy trying to decide what format to use for the presentation, which information to include or not include, and how to display this humongous poster that I've created. But I've finally got everything all wrapped up. Poster is printed and ready to go. As are my handouts and my little tabletop easel. All that's left to do is make sure the poster doesn't get damaged during the trip to San Antonio!

While I do hope to see all my PLN friends during the poster session at the Texas Library Association Annual Conference this week, I know many of us will be drawn to the more interesting sessions. For those who can't make it to the poster session, here's the infographic I created for my poster using Piktochart:

You can also see go directly to the Piktochart link for an even better version of the infographic. Be sure to check out the awesome presentation mode if you do!

I went with Piktochart for two reasons - 1) I wanted something professional, and 2) I wanted to try my hand at infographics. It was a very tedious process but now I'm hooked and looking for any reason whatsoever to make more infographics.

Of course, I couldn't get the entire infographic to fit on one poster board. I had to edit it using Microsoft Paint, cutting it into two columns for the poster itself. Then the .png file was sent off to Kinko's for printing. Now it looks like this:

There will be posters created by many wonderful librarians on topics about empowerment, learning, diversity and advocacy. If you are interested in attending the poster session, please stop by Park View/Tower View Registration Area, Concourse Level  near meeting rooms 206 to 218 between 4:00 - 5:30 PM Tuesday, April 8th. I'll be at Table 3!

Hope to see you there. 

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